Introducing Urban Calculator in Helsingborg: Enhancing City Planning Processes

Image credits: Lotta Wittinger, for the City of Helsingborg

We’re excited to announce that this year the City Planning Office of Helsingborg is starting to integrate Urban Calculator into their toolkit for analyzing and evaluating spatial interventions within their detailed planning processes.

Designed to streamline planning procedures, Urban Calculator offers an intuitive interface accessible to planners, irrespective of their GIS proficiency. This tool empowers planners to conduct spatial analyses interactively, enabling informed decision-making supported by robust evidence.

In its implementation, Urban Calculator will focus on assessing street centrality, encompassing pedestrian and vehicular street networks. Additionally, it will aid in examining accessibility to various destinations, such as social services and bustling urban hubs.

To ensure the reliability and accuracy of analyses, Urban Calculator has developed non-motorised (pedestrian) and motorised street network models covering Helsingborg and its surrounding areas, including villages and small towns. The methodology to generate these models is based on extensive research by the Spatial Morphology Group at Chalmers University, guaranteeing the accuracy and reliability of the spatial analyses performed with the tool.